Contact Zurich Travel Assist

Canada/U.S. (toll-free):


Outside of Canada/U.S. (collect): 1-416-260-4754


When to Contact Travelex’s 24/7 Emergency Assistance Team

Get medical assistance

In the event you or your travel companion sustains a serious injury or develops an illness while travelling with a current Travelex policy, you can get the following types of support:

  • medical assistance and consultation
  • medical evacuation
  • emergency medical payments
  • prescription assistance

If you’re a customer who needs emergency medical assistance, call the applicable global phone number above as soon as possible.

Get travel assistance

Travelex provides its customers with 24-hour emergency travel assistance and concierge services for situations that include:

  • travel document and ticket replacement
  • emergency cash transfer
  • language interpretation services
  • 24-hour legal assistance