Benefits of Travelex’s Medical-Only Plan

Hospital and Medical Coverage

Emergency Dental Coverage

Bedside Companion Coverage

24/7 Emergency Assistance

What Does Travelex’s Medical-Only Plan Include?

Knowing you’re protected can help provide peace of mind while you’re travelling, because the Government of Canada will not — and your Canadian health insurance may not — pay your medical bills if they’re incurred while you’re away from home.

This travel insurance plan provides coverage for unforeseen medical bills you might incur while you’re travelling. Its benefits include hospital and medical, emergency dental, return of deceased, and more.

Our Medical-Only plan is available on single- and multi-trip policies and could protect travellers who are at least 30 days of age but less than 60 years of age.

Summary of benefits

Travelex’s Medical-Only plan provides the following coverage per insured person per trip:

Hospital and Medical


Professional Fees

Up to $300 per profession

Bedside Companion

Round-trip economy airfare and up to $1,500 for meals and accommodation

Travel Companion

One-way economy airfare

Emergency Dental

Up to $2,000

Vehicle Return

Up to $3,000

Return of Deceased

Up to $5,000

Return of Baggage

Up to $500

To understand the full details on what is and isn’t covered by Travelex’s Medical-Only plan, please read the policy wording.

How Is Travelex’s Medical-Only Plan Different?

This travel insurance plan differs from Travelex’s Trip Cancellation and Interruption and All-Inclusive plans because it provides only coverage for unexpected medical costs while you're travelling.

It does not provide financial coverage for any unforeseen events that cause you to cancel your trip or change your travel plans, or for lost, delayed, or damaged baggage.

What scenarios do Travelex’s emergency medical benefits cover?

Travelex travel insurance can help protect you financially from unforeseen scenarios while you’re travelling; however, the Medical-Only plan can’t provide coverage for absolutely everything.

Examples of expenses covered by this plan*:

  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Hospital incidentals
  • Paramedical services
  • Ground ambulance
  • Returning you to your province or territory of residence, or your trip destination
  • Returning your vehicle, baggage, or dog or cat
  • Bringing someone to your bedside
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Repatriation of your remains

Examples of expenses that aren’t covered by this plan:

  • Events relating to a medical condition that was not stable within the three months prior to purchasing the travel insurance policy
  • Any nonemergency, investigative, or elective treatment, such as cosmetic surgery, chronic care, rehabilitation, or any directly or indirectly related complications
  • Intoxication, the misuse, abuse, overdose of, or chemical dependence on medication, drugs, alcohol or other intoxicant

For full information on all covered expenses — and events and any related expenses that are excluded — in the Medical-Only plan, please read the policy wording.

*Conditions apply.

Does Travelex’s Medical-Only plan provide protection before and during a trip?

This travel insurance plan provides on-trip coverage for unexpected events that incur medical costs. It does not provide pre-trip cancellation coverage or on-trip coverage for incidents unrelated to medical costs, such as interruptions, delays, lost baggage, and more.

If you wish to protect your vacation with trip cancellation and interruption coverage or with a comprehensive all-inclusive plan, visit the plans page to discover Travelex’s other available plans.